Heads Up for Spring Boat Maintenance

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As winter draws to a close and boats (and their owners) are beginning to come out of hibernation, it is the perfect time to ensure that your boat is primed and ready for the new seasons’ exploits. The winter is a great opportunity to get a full checkup of your boat and rule out any problems that might come back to haunt you mid-season. Remember, time (and sometimes money) spent on those niggling issues now, can save you the frustration of lost time on the water in the summer months, If you need to haul out, now’s the time to … Continue reading →

Don’t let winter weather destroy your boat!

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Whether we own sailboats or powerboats, we need to think about winterization. Here in the Pacific Northwest we might think our winters are mild, but certainly those of us that have spent previous winters here know, the cold coming down from the Frazier valley can be brutal, not only to ourselves, but our boats as well. So hopefully these tips will keep your boat from unnecessary winter damage. The objective of winterization is primarily to prevent ice damage to your hull materials, engine, water lines and fuel lines. Freezing ice can cause parts of the boat to expand and crack, … Continue reading →

Semiahmoo Marina Board President Leaves Legacy of Rapid Continuous Improvements

By Gary Bryant Each year in November, the Semiahmoo Marina Condominium Association holds its Annual General Meeting (AGM), where slip owners have a chance to elect new board members, learn about current marina initiatives and offer input into the governing process of their Marina. This year, the annual meeting is being held (was held) on December 3, at Semiahmoo Resort. In addition to new board members being elected, a new board president is being (was named) as well. That’s because, Jimmy Johnson, a board member since 2008, is stepping down from the helm as board president and board member, to … Continue reading →

Boating Navigation: When the Power Goes Out


Electricity and technology have revolutionized the world of navigation. Most recreational boaters have drifted away from the use of maps and compasses. Navigation today is mostly about the use of the latest navigation apps, marine electronics, depth sounders, GPS, multi-function displays, and autopilots. Dependency on these tools that often require electric power can lead to navigation difficulties when there is a power failure or malfunction. Boaters shouldn’t overlook old-fashioned navigation tools. Electronic navigation, while helpful and important, has dramatically changed the art of navigation, leaving our overall boating safety, a little inadequate. Measures to take in case of power failure … Continue reading →