Boating Navigation: When the Power Goes Out


Electricity and technology have revolutionized the world of navigation. Most recreational boaters have drifted away from the use of maps and compasses. Navigation today is mostly about the use of the latest navigation apps, marine electronics, depth sounders, GPS, multi-function displays, and autopilots. Dependency on these tools that often require electric power can lead to navigation difficulties when there is a power failure or malfunction. Boaters shouldn’t overlook old-fashioned navigation tools. Electronic navigation, while helpful and important, has dramatically changed the art of navigation, leaving our overall boating safety, a little inadequate. Measures to take in case of power failure … Continue reading →

Outboard Motors for Dinghies and Inflatables

Outboard review

An outboard motor is a propulsive engine system for boats comprised of three main components, the engine, propeller, and a gearbox. Outboard motors are usually small in size, occupies little to no space in the boat itself, but in most cases are clamped to the transom, and can be easily removed for safe storage and repairs. They come with two starting options that are the electric and manual engine start options. Outboard boat motors are classified into large outboard motors and small outboard motors. We’ll be focusing on smaller outboards intended for inflatables and dinghies suitable as tenders. The engine … Continue reading →

Should I Join a Boating Organization?

Joining a boating organization

So you’ve got the boat and the moorage. You’ve taken the boating classes and even went through the Coast Guard vessel inspection. Time to hit the open water. Many boaters don’t stop there. Joining a national boating organization has some great advantages, including ongoing training, lower vessel insurance costs, and some downright fun. We’ve put together info about some of the more popular groups you might want to consider. The United States Sailing Association First known as the North America Yacht Racing Union, the US Sailing Association (USSA) was founded in 1897. Its sole purpose is to provide leadership for … Continue reading →

A Marine Battery Primer

marine batteries at Semiahmoo Marina Store

As you sail along enjoying your boat, you aren’t often thinking about the batteries that are making the good life possible. However, you might want to evaluate your current marine battery or upgrade to a newer model. Well-maintained, quality batteries insure stress-free enjoyment on the water with no power issues. The guide for purchasing the correct battery for your craft are fairly simple. You will need your owners’ manual. Marine batteries serve to very different functions. Cranking batteries to start your boat’s main engines, while deep cycle batteries power radios, fish detectors, and other essential devices. If you have a … Continue reading →