Boating Navigation: When the Power Goes Out


Electricity and technology have revolutionized the world of navigation. Most recreational boaters have drifted away from the use of maps and compasses. Navigation today is mostly about the use of the latest navigation apps, marine electronics, depth sounders, GPS, multi-function displays, and autopilots. Dependency on these tools that often require electric power can lead to navigation difficulties when there is a power failure or malfunction. Boaters shouldn’t overlook old-fashioned navigation tools. Electronic navigation, while helpful and important, has dramatically changed the art of navigation, leaving our overall boating safety, a little inadequate. Measures to take in case of power failure … Continue reading →

Smart Navigation: Which Nav App for You?

Smart Navigation Ap

Navigation apps have been constantly evolving since their conception, but with so many out there to choose from and new ones appearing all the time, how can we decide which is the right one? Certainly there is a nav app out there which is perfect for you, whether you’re just a couple of hours from your hoe moorage at Semiahmoo Marina, island-hopping in the San Juans, or crossing oceans. Here are a few options to consider: Navionics HD Navionics is probably the most well known of all the navigation apps available, and for good reason, its fast, reliable and easy … Continue reading →