Jimmy Johnson President

Jimmy Johnson President

I’d like to “welcome” all of our current and future owners, tenants and employees to our ever-improving Semiahmoo Marina. It is my pleasure to be able to serve as your President of the SMCA Board. Here is a brief summary of who I am and what your Board strives to do to make this the type of community that you will be proud to be a part of.

My wife Candi and I are originally from Houston, Texas so you will probably hear ‘ya’ll’ a lot. We moved to Semiahmoo in 2002 after 5 years in Woodinville, Washinton. Before that we spent 15 years in the Chicago area. We brought our 39-foot power boat with us. While in Woodinville we had the pleasure spending several months boating to Semiahmoo each summer. This turned out to be the perfect location for us. Easy access to Canada, the amazing San Juan Islands and a beautiful resort with amenities. The ability to own a piece of the Marina was a bonus!

When I retired in 2000, we started looking for places to relocate to. We looked at a number of waterfront locations from Seattle north. We had to stay fairly close, because all our kids and grandkids were now in the Seattle area. We kept coming back to what a fantastic location Semiahmoo would be. So in 2002 we bought a home in Semiahmoo and a slip on E Dock. These have both been great decisions.

After a few years at Semiahmoo we started getting more involved with the community. The Semiahmoo Yacht Club has continued to be a great experience for us both. In 2008 I had the opportunity to join the Marina Board. That has been a great experience for me to be able to work with such a talented team of Board members, management and employees.

I’ll now try to give you a short version of what your Board is focusing on and what you can expect from your Board of Directors.

We understand that the long range welfare of Semiahmoo Marina, its owners and employees, to a large extent, is determined by the direction provided by the Officers of the Board. Our Team of Officers was selected on the basis of their ability to fulfill this critical responsibility. It is well understood that the commitment to excellence must emanate from, and be carried out by, this Team. Being an Officer of Semiahmoo Marina Condo Association, and occupying this important position of trust, is a great source of continuing pride for each of us.

The focus and vision of your Board is to become the Marina of Choice in the Pacific Northwest. We know that to attain our vision we must be committed to total quality and continuous improvement. This focus will insure the continuation of high levels of growth and value for our owners and a challenging and rewarding environment for our employees.
Open Communication, Pride and Enthusiasm are values that your Semiahmoo Marina Officers live by.

Each Officer on your Board has a specific job description with duties and tasks. Any of us would be more than happy to share details of what we are doing currently or what we have planned for the future.
We are all looking forward to another successful year of progress toward our vision and goals. We hope that you will be able to help us with this journey. Thanks for being a part of what Semiahmoo can be.  – JJ