Dream Cruising Destinations is a book by Vanessa Bird that can help any yachtsman who has ever dreamed of sailing off to an exotic location turn this dream into a reality. The 24 classic cruises described in this book have been mapped carefully and are also completely budgeted. This extra financial information will help give you a real feel of whether a particular cruise is something that is achievable for you.

ThailandVanessa Bird has been sailing for most of her life and has a great deal of experience in all areas of the boating industry. She has written articles for leading boating magazines and has also worked on TV documentaries covering the sport.

This book covers routes that not only take you around the British Isles but also as far afield as the Virgin Islands and Antarctica. For all of these routes, information is provided on factors such as the type of boat you will need, and how experienced you need to be. Dream Cruising Destinations will allow you to make an informed decision about which cruises you might be able to try based on your personal circumstances.

The book shows that none of the journeys discussed are impossible, Semiahmoo sailors pining for adventure just might find the inspiration they need to set sail to parts unknown. Dream Cruising Destinations is available on Amazon.com


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