Semiahmoo Marina Door

When Harbormaster Doug Romano discovered that the door protecting the entrance to Semiahmoo’s main dock was no longer repairable, he turned to his staff for a new solution. Semiahmoo Marina maintenance engineer Mark Ross came back with a plan for a maintenance-free stainless steel door.  His idea had the potential to far exceed the 35-year lifespan of the original and at the same time craft the marina’s pedestrian entrance with an optimistic welcoming style emblazoned with its new logo outlined in the negative space of its artwork.

During routine maintenance of the door this past summer, rusted hinges and damage from water leaking into the doors interior, provided an opportunity to incorporate the entrance upgrade into its 2015-2016 marina revitalization plan.  Once the plan was approved, Reinke’s Fabrication of Ferndale constructed the door to Semiahmoo Marina specifications and used a laser to cut the marina’s logo into the door’s face.  After Mark Ross and his team removed the old door and installed the new one, Stanley Door Company added the  automatic door opener/closer that operates in conjunction with the key pad, while Gateway Controls provided the electrical expertise to connect the key fob and automatic door opener.

New Door Looking Out
No more juggling your cart to get the door opened or running to catch up to a good Samaritan to hold the door while you bring your supplies through the gate. The 350-pound door opens automatically when you enter your access code or swipe your fob, giving you and your party plenty of time to get everyone and everything safely through. Those of us concerned about security during high-wind weather can rest easy, now that the door no longer acts like a sail. Instead, the clever use of negative space, albeit via the open-cut logo creates a simple solution that allows the wind to pass and the door to close securely.

Congratulations to everyone involved in the decision, design and construction of our latest marina improvement. It would be no exaggeration to call it the gateway to this marina’s future.


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