Current Fuel Prices

Diesel: $4.29*

   Gasoline: $5.39*

*Price subject to change without notice.

SMCA Owners .35 discount 

SMCA Tenants .20 Discount

Fuel Dock Hours

June 15 –  Sept 18 –   8 AM to 4:30 PM

Sept 19 –  June 14 –  8 AM to 4:00 PM




Fuel DockAbout our Fuel
At Semiahmoo Marina, two 12,000 gallon fuel tanks provide storage for marine diesel and 90-octane (ethanol-free) fuels respectively. To ensure that the fuel we sell is free of water, microbes and other contaminants, the fuel is continually monitored with the following measures in place.

Keep in mind that there is always a small amount of water that settles at the bottom of every fuel tank due to condensation. To ensure fuel delivered to your boat has none of this residual moisture, the tank has been placed in the ground at an angle, so any water, which is heavier than fuel, collects at one end of the tank. The fuel siphon hose or pipe, which draws fuel to the fuel pump, is located at the opposite end of the tank and above the tank floor a number of inches, to prevent any of this moisture from being extracted.

Each time fuel is delivered, the driver checks the tank for fuel-level, and water contamination with a probing rod, the end of which is coated with a water-detecting paste. If water is detected, new fuel is NOT added until the problem is resolved.  Additionally, Semiahmoo Marina has installed and operates an Electronic Tank Gauge (ATG) which monitors in REAL-TIME, the condition of the fuel and tank system. Employees are notified immediately if the tank is breached or if there is water in the system.  The ATG is also connected via FAX to the fuel distributors office, alerting them as well.

Additionally, Semiahmoo Marina is a participant in the Extreme Diesel Program (EDP), twice a year additional tank tests are done to check and treat for microbial contaminants, much like one would perform for a chlorinated swimming pool.

As part of the fuel program, with each load of diesel fuel delivered, additives are pre-mixed into the fuel, eliminating the need for other boater-provided additives. This pre-mix procedure is not only a more effective fuel treatment but is much more convenient and cost-effective.

If boaters ever have a concern about the fuel being provided by Semiahmoo Marina, they can contact the Harbormaster for more information or the fuel distributor, Reisner Distributors.