One of the many jobs our maintenance team does at Semiahmoo Marina is to walk the docks and check each boat in the marina to make sure the boat lines are secure and in good shape and also to check your shore power cords for wear and damage.

48 ° North Magazine put out a great article this December on securing your boat while it is left unsupervised for the winter months and Boat US distributes a newsletter, Seaworthy, which included in the July issue a revealing article on abused shore power cords.

In the article, Leave your Boat for the Holidays, by Alex and Jack Wilken, you will learn about proper line and fender placement to let your boat ride safer thru any winter storms in your area. They will also explain the use of snubbers to help reduce strain on both the dock lines and the cleats.

If chafing is a concern, we have free firehose sections available for your use. Just contact the Marina Office to get what you need.

Seaworthy by Boat US Marine Insurance has put together some very invaluable information concerning the condition of your shore power cord. With pictures, they show you examples of fire or shock hazards just waiting to happen.  While replacing your cord with a Marine UL listed cord may seem like an unnecessary expense, keep in mind that household extension cord is not accepted in the marina for many reasons- safety being the first. Fisheries Supply has 30 amp Marine UL listed cords and is available thru Semiahmoo Marina for just $80.75 & Tax.  Contact the Marina Office to place an order.


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