Chuck Holly from West Marine explores different types of boat heaters and dryers to help you choose what will work best for your boat.  He addresses specific situations and tips for keeping your boat warm or dry over the winter in this short video with over 13 thousand views.  Even if you already have a heater, you may find this video a useful guide to a better choice for you—and most importantly—a safe choice.  Cabin heater, cabin furnace, turbo dryer or engine room heater–which is best for your boat?  You also need to consider if you need a constant temperature or a variable fan speed.  Investing in the correct heater will keep your boat safe, and help you avoid the problems moisture condensation can bring.  Some heaters discussed will set the thermostat as low as 38 degrees—enough to protect your water and sewage systems, as well as your engine compartment.  Check it out and see if you don’t pick up some new and helpful information–and maybe extend your boating season!