Considering adding solar panels to your boat?

This video has great reviews for an overview of boat solar power and will also give you a hands-on tutorial on how it all works.  So, if you’re just toying with the idea, or ready to jump in—this is a worthy 8 minutes spent!  Three more links follow to help you delve deeper and learn more about your choices.

Convinced?  Now you need to make product decisions:

Kevin Curran of All Things Boat” wrote an excellent, and VERY comprehensive article on his solar generator picks for 2018.

His bio says he started boating in the Pacific NW, teaches at a university in San Diego and now has his sailboat in the Sea of Cortez.  His site is not just a treasure trove of useful information, it’s also a good source of funny boating jokes, as well.

Kevin’s solar power how-to article covers everything you might want to know about using the sun to power your boat and includes an easy chart to compare price, uses, and features.  He adds in FAQs, and a DIY tutorial link to help you install solar power on your boat.

How much power?

Here’s more great information from Kevin, to help you determine how much power you need:

Just for fun:

Okay–to wrap up, here’s one of Kevin’s cute jokes, too:

Q:     Why did the fish blush?
A:      Because he saw the boat’s bottom.