It’s so fun out here in the San Juan Islands—so many islands to choose from, and so close that you can visit several in just one day!  Scooting up to the beach in your dinghy and hopping out for a hike or picnic is the perfect way to explore and enjoy the unique beauty of each island.  However, this can bring the stress and worry of wondering if the boat is OK when out of sight, and the sense you are gambling as you head back to the boat—anxiously hoping it is where you left it.

This year, make a plan now to free yourself from this worry and learn the best ways to beach your dinghy and small boats.  Following are a couple ideas–Beaching Your Boat and Using an Anchor Buddy:

Beaching Your Boat So You Can Leave Again

BoatsRUs created this video tutorial on how to anchor your boat bow out at the beach so you can spend time ashore without worrying.  It’s clear and easy to follow, and full of great information!  Learn this technique well and gain confidence and look like a seasoned pro!


Try an Anchor Buddy

If you want a super-easy way to get out onto the beach without putting your boat on the beach, here’s a clever idea for a useful tool to add to your gear this year—an Anchor Buddy!  Check out their demonstration video and see how convenient this little gizmo can be:

One more link here, written by Dan Bullard—to show you in great detail the different uses of an Anchor Buddy.  He includes several pictures, complete instructions, and has lots of great advice.  Make sure to read or scroll to the end of this set—he adds some practical lessons he learned the hard way, (so you don’t have to.)  Using Nylon line to keep it out of the prop, how to keep the line clean, and tips for inexpensive repairs are just a few.

Dan finds it fantastic for quick trips in and out with your dinghy—leaving you always ready to go.  His appreciation to those who entertain him because they don’t beach their boats properly is funny, too!

Where to get this great tool?  Look online, or just pop into the Semiahmoo Marina Store and pick one up without a shipping charge!  Let us know what you think after trying it out!


Safely offshore, no worries with wakes and waves, and still easy to access!