Does Sea Foam Work? 

This video by Chris Fix is highly viewed—5 million times!  It is 8:40 in length.  He tried Sea Foam on a lawnmower engine for a test example and uses a scope to show visual proof of the results.  He is not affiliated with the company and is just doing his own independent testing.  After conducting his tests, he believes it works.  Nothing silly or fun—just a good clear video of his test.

Here’s the official Sea Foam how-to video:

Brian from Sea Foam shows how to help clean your boat engine’s injectors/carburetors and chambers by adding straight Sea Foam to the fuel filter. They say it works great when replacing fuel filters, plus it is quick and effective at cleaning engine residues and deposits.  These deposits can cause hard starts, rough idles, hesitation and loss of engine power.

They provided printed instructions to view/print/download, as well:…